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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
"mount on the amiga side" = uaehf.device and amiga filesystem driver&mountlist?

Easier said than done because afaik you can't reliably map block devices to drive letters (and vice versa)

Yes. Mounting with uaehf.device with mountlist.

You're already doing this with "Auto mount removable drives". Any removable drives that are listed in the harddrive panel don't get automounted, only drives that aren't listed. I just confirmed it, I removed the zip drive entry and it automounted when I put a MSDos disk in it. With the entry left in it doesn't automount. You implemented this way back when you first supported removable drives.

"Include removable drives" just mounts the drive during boot up, all I'm asking is that you do the same thing as you did with "Auto mount removable drives". That way drives that are listed in the harddrive panel won't mount during boot up, which they do now.

In other words, if automounting is disabled by being in the harddrive list then mounting at boot time should also be.
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