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WTB A600 keyboard and ram upgrade

I would like to buy, possibly trade for a non yellowed (i know this is a big ask) A600 keyboard, or another miggy keyboard i can use the keytops from (think a1200 ones might fit??) i know i can get keyboards from amigakit, but they aint new like the a1200 ones! im picky very picky about condition (to the point of being anal about it) i also see analogic do ones but at near 50 quid they can go boil there head! im also after a trapdoor ram upgrade, preferably one i can just stuff sims in (ive a shedload kicking about) i dont care if the keyboard is functioning, as long as the keys themselves are pristine. also wanted... a Zappo CD rom cable to PCMCIA (mines is shot) i have the drive, just need a functional pcmcia card/cable

Tell me what you got, and how much. or if theres anything your looking for
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