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Originally Posted by palaste View Post
So it appears that I have to find every place where the "Insert volume WorkBench: in any drive" requests are coming from and replace WorkBench: with HD0:, and then later add "assign WorkBench: HD0:" to my S:Startup-Sequence so programs executed after boot up find the correct virtual partition.
Correct. For some reason - very early on - when someone wanted to
reference their program; they had the thought that their program would
be on the Workbench: volume; instead of calling it DH0: or DH1: etc.

I actually had someone respond to me that one of my programs should be
referencing SYS: if it was on the System drive; since everyone names their
SYS: drive different. It should be referenced as the logical drive name
(e.g. DH0, DH1, DH2); not the name of the drive itself (e.g. Workbench, Amiga, MySystem).
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