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Results time.

Gods took the top spot. For second place there was a big tie. The game that receives its points first is normally declared the winner. Linesmachine's vote put three games into the tie before the others, and he got to choose which one went through. No surprises then.

30 Gods
20 World Class Leader Board

20 Harlequin
20 Magic Pockets
20 Wonderboy in Monsterland
20 Xenon II - Megablast

Looks like a straightforward high score. No options to choose.

World Class Leader Board
Another best score game. Would I be right in saying a course takes about an hour play? Two courses would be okay then? Professional difficulty seems to makes sense otherwise there is no wind, which wouldn't feel right. I don't think there is any way to consider this game 'beat', so it's probably simplest to drop that badge for this game.

Anyone want to recommend two courses to play? Happy to do something from the data disks if that's of interest?
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