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Originally Posted by d4rk3lf View Post
I intentionally placed this question in (probably) wrong forum, so it get's more attention.
We have:
- Hardware
- Software
... and lot of other sub-forums
Then we have coders:
- Coders this language
- Coders that language
- Coders general
- Coders about Kim Kardashian ...

We want Graphics subforum.
We want At least something like this:
- Graphics... that lead to 3 subforums:
- Wip's
- Finished work
- tutorials

For example, I wanted to start my thread of "d4rk3lf sketch Dpaint book", and I have no idea where to place it.

I think, same as graphics.. we should make also a music subforum.
Here we go, 8 new forums
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