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The Story

The game is set on a planet (well moon really) where human-like Aliens live, they orbit a massive Saturn style Gas Giant. Every 20 years or so the entire population of the planet must live underground for a few years, cramped together in underground cities. This is because their second sun unexpectedly collapsed into a white dwarf a few hundred years ago. The Gas Giant shields most of the planet from the harmful radiation and material spewed out by the jets of the White Dwarf, but the Gas Giant orbit takes it dangerously close to the Star, making it too dangerous to be outside.

This particular orbit is very nasty for some reason. Contact with some of the other underground cities have been lost for months now, and things are starting to look grim. You’re tasked to find out why the other cities failed, and if how – the solution to stop it before it happens to yours.

Your to venture to the surface, and into the nearest city, and contact them – if anyone is there, and if not search for survivors, documents or materials.


Shade is is inspired by the System Shock and 3D Fallout games. The game itself is presented in 3D, from a first-person perspective. The game will feature outdoor and indoor environments presented in a stylised matter. Taking cues from System Shock and Fallout, much of the narrative will be presented through stories, journals and radio conversations. Rather direct NPC interaction. Although the game may feel a little lonely by yourself, it won’t be.


The game is written in Blitz Basic. It is intended for an Amiga 1200 with a 68030 processor, and some Fast Ram. This is the Amiga I’m developing on, so this is the minimum specification.


I sometimes stream game development on the Amiga at and I hang about on the AmigaBill Discord channels. But I will keep a diary of what I’m going on in here as well.
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