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Originally Posted by 005AGIMA View Post
A few of questions on Icaros

1) Does it support PC FDD? And if yes, is there a trick/guide for getting it working?
Yes also USB floppy drive, se screnshot create on my old laptop

2) Any guides for setting up networking as mine isn't seeing my network
First of all you need to have a Network Card supported by AROS, HERE find all the hardware compatible with AROS.
The Network Card also Wi-Fi, if compatible will be displayed automatically and you only need to configure with Network Prefs, see my old video:

[ Show youtube player ]

3) What Emulator can be installed on ICAROS for games?
Yes, AROS has its own Native Games also 3D (Card Video Native Supported), HERE I've reviewed some of them, but if you want you can also start the classic AMiGA games through an emulator

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