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Icaros Desktop 2.2.2 has been released, and it includes a preliminary version of Janus-UAE2, AROS port of WinUAE! But, as promised long ago on Patreon, it will be initally available only to our patrons and beta-testers. Can't you wait for "two more weeks"? No problem, head to our Patreon page, and start pledging us!

New from Icaros Desktop 2.2.1

- updated ZuneView and ZunePaint to latest releases
+ now they can save images to various ILBM formats
- updated AmiCloud client
- added DigiClock to system utilities
+ a clock is now integrated on menu bar's top right corner
- added Janus-UAE2 (WinUAE port) to Emulators
- added RemoteAROSShell
+ you can access to Icaros via Telnet from another host
- added FolderSync2
- added Appbuilder to demo programs
- added Gilbert to Games
- added GLColumns to OpenGL Games
- added MUI examples to Development
- added metaDiary to Applications
- added RTF-Riddle to Applications
- added BackupCopy to Filesystems
- updated Hollywood plugins to latest version
- updated AROS libraries
- updated AROS system files
- added mod2wav to CLI commands
- added PDF to PNG option in Magellan GUI
- added MOD to wave option in Magellan GUI
- updated redit (68K) to version 2
- added GPmark to Benchmarks
- added b4sdl and HGui to develoment languages/tools
- added clipo to management tools
- added LuxCC to development tools
- added VMT to misc
- added VAMP to Multimedia players
- added AmiTimeKeeper to Networking
- updated cloud handlers for Gdrive and Dropbox
- AmiBridge can now be optional to save space on system partition
- fixed a bug in hosted installation script
- fixed a bug in HostBridge
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