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I would suggest going the C route at first, looking at asm ppc output from small programs or functions. I think ppc680x0 went a "verbatim" route as the 68k disassembly goes, so no special backend is used to optimize the code as vbcc or whatever compiler does or did.

For warpos, the most important aspect is the use of #pragma amiga-align (vbcc way) when system includes are called in sources. This is a must. Quite a few examples are in BlitzQuake or Phx Quake using asm functions integrated. Or how I tweaked the Quake2 gcc sources to be vbcc happy.

The special subject for max performance in warpos are the use of mixed 68k/ppc code in the same program to reduce context switch beetwen cpu's: For example the mouse/keyboard functions for the input handler in BlitzQuake.

There's a good amount of work needed for upgrade old sources to be 2017/vbcc compliant as things changed over the years (makefile knightmares one of those), but well, some famous programs are slowly upgraded but never released on public....

And I really like ppc asm
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