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I've got to start explaining things better because I think I've confused some people

The whole bin2exe thing was for training/patching games. I save the raw data from the game right before it starts and then do one of the following:

- If the game needs no patching, I run the data directly through a cruncher like StoneCracker which is able to do everything I need. Load, JMP, etc.
- Write my own loader if the game needs patching. The loader loads the raw data into memory, patches where needed, and then JMP's to the required address. Game starts and all is good.
- At times (like with Hong Kong Phooey), I run it through StoneCracker and then deal with decrunching and patching afterwards. A little more difficult than uncrunched data.


- I do not need to deal with turning off the OS because the game deals with all of that.
- The loader needs to be absolute addressed because games generally require it.

Why generic? Because I'm lazy. Everytime I patch a game, I generally take my old loader asm source, copy and paste, alter accordingly and assemble. A generic loader that does that all of that via command line is much simpler.

It feels like things have gotten way out of hand just because I don't want to add the extra minute or two of altering previous source code

@jotd: I appreciate you taking the time to do this but it's sounding like a much more difficult task than I had imagined :/

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