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Originally Posted by Cherno View Post
I wonder if anyone would be able to reverse engineer the *.gfx files in the Hired Guns directories? These seem to be either custom archives or bitmap graphics of some sort, as there are files for all characters as well as compound files for the four different terrain styles. There's also the graphics conversion program for using custom character sprites, maybe that would help to gain insight into the data structure.
Sorry for bumping an old topic, Hired Guns uses RNC compression. I know that there is RNC compressor tool included with HG as there is a way to add custom characters to the game.

I remember that I could easily decompress the files with some tool but my memory is very hazy (unpack all, decompress all, unrnc or something like that).

PS. I have a full drawer of unfinished game prototypes and a lot of them are using gfx rips from Amiga games mostly provided by awesome guys from EAB like you. I have promised myself to somehow find a way to finish at least few of them before I kick the bucket (I'm old now) - maybe one day I will revisit the forums with great news.
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