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Amiga Computing Feb 89

Just thought I would point out that your magazine cover for Feb 1989 of Amiga Computing is actually the Feb 90 edition. If you look to the base of the scanned page to the right it says Feb 90. The 'inside' scanned pages are for Feb 1989 and correct but the cover is wrong. Plus the first page image on the intro page is incorrect. There is a typo on the cover. I have two copies of different magazines which are labelled the same magazine... Volume 1 Number 9 February 1989 and Volume 2 Number 9 February 1989. Clear as mud. Your cover is for Volume 2 and not Volume 1.

The February edition of Amiga Computing for 1989 has the main article ' Broader Horizons' Learn to program a two month series. It also covers Amiga sounds, AmigaOnline, AmigaVision. The pages are dated February 1989. Which is what your inside pages show.

The cover shown on the Magazine Rack for Feb 89 Fly into Fantasy F-29 is actually the February 1990 edition. Like I say just look at the base of the scanned pages to the side of your cover image plus the Volume 2 on the cover.

An interesting note and that on page 9 the magazine explains why there is no cover disc for Feb 90 and suggests that they intend stop providing cover discs. Yet they did continue to provide cover disks, but not for that month.

So if you switch Feb 89 cover for Feb 90 cover you will be good to go and there is no cover disk that month. Or as they call it 'disc'. I can give you a scan of the actual Feb 89 cover if you like. Plus a scan of the contents for Feb 90. Just let me know.


Just for reference.

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