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Hey MOS6581! (can I call you SID? shorter and easier )

Nice collection, I didn't read it when I posted teh otehr message! I see you are a Commodore-aholic, much like Overdoc

I like this bit:
My orginal C64 is still in use, with it's own 486DX/2 66MHz/540MB HDD PC running HDD64
Put that PC slave to work, I say! . The PC treated as a C64 peripheral, sweet I've got to try the 64HDD thing myself, a friend of mine will make the XE1541 cable for me, then I'll be set . I also want to make the PC64 cable, so I can use SIDPlay/w with it!

All I have left is a question: where do you stick all this stuff? There is a thread to show pics of your collection or "game room", I'd like to see your "junk"

Uukrul: right now, money is a terrible problem for me :/

Vivash: You say:
zx81 (doesn't work - hasn't got the cassette player lead)
You mean it "doesn't work" just because you don't have that lead? It's a normal miniplug cable man! I know I used a miniplu-miniplug cable to connect it to my stereo and load a cassette from it!
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