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zx81 (doesn't work - hasn't got the cassette player lead)

The phillips videopac (G7000) - my mum bought this in about '89 because the man at the car boot sale said it would be easy to get games for...

Binatone tv master - Pong, about 10 times. (although "basketball pong" kept me and my sister busy for hours)

Dragon 32 (first machine I ever programmed - taught me what the colour "buff" was. Strangest colour pallette: green, yellow and lots of browns if I remember right. And dark blue. None of that good old "cyan" and "magenta" of the speccy)

zx spectrum 48K (count it). Took about 20 minutes to load a game, which was like listening to a modem connecting. Then it would crash. I spent hours typing in programs in basic from magazines - but there was always a misprint and I'd get a syntax error. There was also the weird combination of keys you'd have to press to get the right command (each key had about 5 different things it could be).

Sega Master System (the "newer" one - although there might have been more than two versions)

Sega Megadrive (the "older" one - although again, there might have been more than two versions) - had quite a lot of fun with this.

...and then all the recent stuff

Amiga 500 (with 512K expansion = 1 Meg, woohoo! Happy days are here! And a battery backed up clock!)

Amiga 600 (getting there...)

Amiga 1200 (with extra stuff like 030 expansion, 8 meg fast ram, scsi adapter, etc.) I got this just about the time the amiga was "officially dead" (for about the third time). Did lots of programming in AMOS pro on this (Still waiting for Amiga Format to send me my fifty pound for my "readers game". It's probably in the post.)

Then I got some PCs, from p90 to p200 to p400, which hold no nostalgic value for me whatsoever.
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