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old machines

I thought I was the only one interested in these old computers! My wife thinks that I am the saddest person in town. Now I know different!
Off the top of my head here is the contents of my loft:
- 2x ZX81 (boxed, working all manuals leads etc)
- 4X ZX Spectrums (working, all manuals leads etc) 2 boxed
- 2x ZX Spectrum+1 (1 working, all manuals leads etc)
- 1x ZX Spectrum+2 (1 working, boxed, all manuals leads etc)
- 1x ZX Spectrum+3 (Amstrad - dodgy disk drive, all manuals leads etc)
- 2x microdrives for speccy
- 2x Dragon 32 (boxed - working, all manuals leads etc)
- 3x Commodore 64 (boxed, 1 bullnose type, all manuals leads etc)
- 1x MSX (no leads, PSU or anything)
- 1x Oric (no leads, PSU or anything)
- 3x Acorn Electron (2 boxed, all leads, manuals Acorn cassete players etc) - my very first computer, a complete suprise Christmas prezzy from my wife (bless her!) and the machine that got me hooked! (little did she know what a Trojan Horse that was!)
- 2x BBC B (2 disk drives, manuals, leads etc)
- 2x A1200 HD basic machines - no accelerators - bah!
- 3x A600 (1 HD)
- 2x A500 (RAM expansions to 1M and 1.5 Meg)
+ loads of PSU's, leads, manuals and other bits like cassette players and other Car Boot junk Ive collected.

And now we've moved they are gathering dust in the loft instead of in my play room like they used to be!
Oh happy days!!
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