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Originally posted by Akira
Hey, that Tiki thing with an AY soundchip sounds interesting... any pics or info would be apreciated!
Here's some info ...

It was designed by a company called Tiki Data in Norway. It got an approval from the Department of Education, so it was common in schools, during the late 80's and early 90's,

It runs a CP/M-clone called KP/M.

It uses a Z80, running at 4MHz. It has 64KB's of RAM.
The graphics-chip was custom-designed by Tiki Data, and could do 256*256 in 16 colours, 512*256 in 4 colours, and 1024*256, in monochrome

There were several revisions of the machine, but there were few changes between them.

Around 1988-1989 it was clear that IBM-compatibles would take over the world, so schools started buying those machines instead (however, the Tiki's remained in use up until 1995-1996).

Most of the software availible for it was mostly "school-software". But there were also word-processors, database-applications, spreadsheets, etc. availible for it.

You could use just about all CP/M-applications, including CP/M itself, as long as it didn't use any special features (such as sound and graphics). (That's why most programs written for the Tiki won't run on any other CP/M-machine).

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