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A2000 WB 1.3 1mb+2mbFastram and 500mb HD covers the early games
A1200 WB 3.0 2mb+16mbfastram 030/50 and 4gb HC covers the AGA games

Both of the above systems are very easy to put together and wont cost you an arm and a leg. A few more bucks for a good NEC 3D monitor or 1084S, a few good joysticks, a bunch of DD 3.5" disks, and alot of adf's and your set.

I dont see the point of going for 040 or 060 systems unless you want to play a rare later game port or run some heavy duty old apps. A network connection to a PC makes life easier turning adf's into real disks. Amiga explorer is a crucial tool for me. PPC upgrades are a waste of money for the most part. Oh, and upgrade to a nicer mouse!
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