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Originally Posted by AC/DC HACKER! View Post
MorphOS 3.10 looks pretty good, but it's a bit different than Amiga I have known for many, many, many years.
Internally (DOS, directory structures, libraries, etc) it's very much like AmigaOS, but the biggest difference comes in the Ambient desktop, which is heavily inspired by Directory Opus Magellan. It can be configured to simplier behaviour of Workbench too, if it would make you feel more familiar Here is a guide how to make it look like OS4 I don't know if it still would work, but earlier it was possible to run real Workbench 3.9 instead of Ambient on MorphOS too

So far I'm not able to get Payback 68K to go beyond the "freeze" when showing the progress bars when attempting to connect to sound, or load sound files.
Hmm.. Payback works for me on Mac mini. Are you trying in hardware accelerated or software rendered mode? Have you tried WOS version instead of 68k version?

I LOVE the SnoopDOS like program, had to modify some settings but that's awesome!! I wish (or does?) a program like that exists for AmigaOS 4.1. The 68K version sort of works, but...
Snoopy should be similar program for OS4.

Anyone, one of the X5000 users that has it dual-booting. Yay! Haha! So far, though, I don't "yet" think I'll be using MorphOS 3.10 more than AmigaOS. I hope to change that since it is actively more supported.
Great to hear that you got dual OS setup to work! I would like to get some real OS4 machine for me sometime too... too bad there isn't Peg1 version, because I have that and many Macs
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