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Originally Posted by DamienD View Post
Ok, maybe a bit harsh but still true IMHO... you can't deny the fact that CD32 games are really nothing more than A500 / A1200 games with additional audio tracks slapped on??? Who cares; nothing ground-breaking there really besides maybe 10 games maximum...

...and there were sooooo many better consoles out at the time; please don't make me list them; I can't be bothered. You know what I'm talking about though

What I accidently left out from my post above yours is that:

If it wasn't for people like "Amigajay" and "earok" that are bringing "classic" Amiga games that everyone remembers to the CD32 console after many, many hard hours of work; where would this system be?
That's a thing I don't get, yes they were Amiga games on disc, but why care, if the game was good that's what they were always going to be, I don't get that poeple were surprised, at the time it was great to have Amiga games plus added extras like an intro, cd audio, full speech in games, and the big point of no disk swapping all plus points, yes it got a lot of ports but this in the end was down to Commodore going bankrupt and companies just saying stick it on disc basically.

As you would know there was plenty of non Amiga disk CD32 games in the pipeline that sadly never had the chance to be finished.

Imo there wasn't soooo many better consoles Damien, you had the expensive cartridge consoles, the aged CDi, and the only one I was interested in the 3DO was $600 and not out until late 94 in Europe, by which time the PSX rumours were just hitting, so in 1993 the CD32 was still the machine I would pick, of course it wasn't perfect nothing was but as an A500 owner it was the logical next step and I don't regret buying it at all.

Thanks the comment at the bottom, and yes I agree to some extent if there were no homebrew discs the system would be more obscure and cheaper! But the same could be said for any retro system having games still being made for it.

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