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Anyway, IMHO the CD32 wasn't great at all and a major disappointment; it couldn't complete with all the other awesome "consoles" of that time

Ok, so yes it's a console but the majority of games are just A500 / A1200 ones with added audio tracks... Graphics weren't updated at all so; who cares about additional audio tracks; not me!!! flopped for a reason.

Really, if you want to have the "real" Amiga experience; buy an A500 (with expanded RAM) or possibly an A1200.

...or simply do what I do; use WinUAE


a) Free.
b) You have all Amiga models in one i.e. A500 / A500+ / A600 / A1000 / A1200 / A4000 / AmigaCD / CD32 / CDTV / WHDLoad etc...
c) Just use your existing Windows computer.

My laptop connects to my 50" TV via HDMI, I have 2 x Xbox 360 controllers and can play anything I like from the comforts of my lounge chair (as if it was a console)
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