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Originally Posted by DamienD View Post
No, really only anything under the subdirectory "CD32" from what you've specified above
That's not correct.

You can also play the games on the CDTV folder, those should all work except if they have been programmed like shit.

And some of the other Amiga CD ones. You gotta check the requirements. Anything that runs on ECS/AGA and 2MB Chip RAM will work.

For example, in /Commodore_Amiga/CD/AmigaCD/Game/, you could play
- Cedric
- Erben Der Erde
- Phoenix Fighters
- Sixth Sense Investigations
- Ultimate Super Skidmarks
- Pretty sure the 17-Bit compilations should work

Well, you'd need to experiment with what's there, some are already marked CD32 (should be moved I guess), some might need HD installation and leave you out even if you meet the RAM and processor requirements.
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