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Originally Posted by solidcore View Post
1,4) don't bother, grab an edge-riser board & TF328, or build your own.
As this is a new CD32 user, I am afraid this isn't an option yet to recommend. TF328 is still pretty fresh, and also too DIY, for people like the OP who, if I read correctly, just wants to play some games. Although getting a TF328 combo isn't a bank breaker, it can be a bit of a hassle at the moment. Also you underestimate teh difficulty of "build your own". Not everyone has your skills to do such a thing, I know I don't, so those of us who don't, depend on sale and distribution of the device.

I used my CD32 happily for years just burning discs. There's a TON of stuff to get. There's WHDLoad compilations too, and some are running CD32Load which eliminate most of the issues of WHDLoad in low memory setups.

Buy some good media (I use Sony 70min CD-Rs), get Imgburn as DamienD suggested, go to the EAB FTP's CD32 section to start (/Commodore_Amiga/CD/CD32), burn some discs and have fun.

There is this tendency in the Amiga world to recommend to people to upgrade their shit right away. Not everyone needs an upgraded machine. Just for games, a plain CD32 is just great for a long time. When you are ready and, probably, when TF328s are more widely available and more tested, you can start thinking on upgrading, if you feel you need to have a little bit more options.

There's also the matter of how you use the CD32. Attaching a keyboard and mouse and turning the CD32 into a computer (like solidcore's pic) is not really my idea of why I have a CD32 (I have plenty of desktop Amigas), but there's no launcher you can really rely on and be satisfied with. I've been testing XBench for a while and it's so slow it's not really fun to use.

So save solidcore's advice for a future, when you feel like burning discs for the CD32 has played out for you and you want to look at expanding options. For the time being, I recommend you don't even bother with that route at all.
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