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Hello Everyone

I hope you are all doing well.

I've made a few minor cries for help on some of the other forums but this time I am really down on my knees begging for some assistance.

I am hoping that someone will take pity on my and spend a little bit of time helping out an Amiga brother!

I have recently acquired a CD32 and am in desperate need of some advice and explanations.

1) I would like to buy some additional hardware to go with it, I was originally looking at the analogic disk drive but several people have told me there is something else I can buy that will plug into the machine and that I can download most Amiga games and just store on there and play. What do I need to buy and where can I buy it from?

.....any links on what to do with it once I've brought it?

2) I would like to be able to burn some Disks (ISO's?) for the CD32. I notice there are lots of files available on this site. What do I need to do to ensure that I am downloading files that will play on the CD32 can someone please provide me with an idiots guide on what I do after I download the file from this site?

3) can someone recommend some good CD's to buy to burn them onto? I understand that certain types work better than others?

4) is there anything else I should acquire to ensure I am getting the best out of my CD32? I already have a mouse and USB keyboard adaptor. I might buy the PS1 controller adaptor seeing as the pads ive got are not great
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