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Originally Posted by Amicol View Post
The 15Hz PAL mode is not full screen, intentionally. As a lot of games and demos use the overscan area. It is as centered as possible.

Other modes are full screen for the WB

Now in the Zone for you to try for yourself.
If you want it full screen, that's easily changed without affecting the scroll
Thanks! This has served as inspiration for me to make a full screen smooth scroll config. Seems the frequencies don't have to be 100% the same as yours, I had them off by 0,02 and at least I got tired of watching scrollers before I was able to notice any jerks.

Got to iterate my own config a bit more, but I got it working quite nicely already. I wonder why Jens didn't ship such an example config with the tool? This is like the only big gripe I've heard about the product and a reason why many people I know have refrained from purchasing.
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