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Originally Posted by B14ck W01f View Post
The packaging is much better than the version I received from AmigaKit, but it isn't the final edition. My version was stuffed inside a smashed-down box instead of the little black folder that yo have.
Do you mean the standard version of 4.1? That was only ever supplied in a cardboard box and was never shipped with a DVD-style case like FE is. AmigaKit shipped the original OS4.1 with the box pre-flattened to reduce the risk of damage to the box in transit (and presumably to reduce packaging costs too). Mine looked like the box had never been assembled in the first place, rather than it being smashed down... It might be worth noting that the packaging is standard for all distributors - AmigaKit don't package it any differently to anyone else.

I know that there are problems installing the FE inside WinUAE, so I think I will pass for now.
There are no real problems installing it, but it is quite limited for some tasks, particularly to do with graphics card support and RAM support.
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