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How do you know that if you haven't actually used EasyADF?
Because it's base function is incredibly simple. You boot from the floppy disk, open the applicaion, click write, select the ADF file you want to write from the CF card using a requester and then click OK. Or click read, select the directory on the CF card you want to save, type in a file name and click OK.

It doesn't get any easier than that. I don't have to try all the possible makes of light-switches to know they are all pretty much equally easy to use.

Getting the applications onto an Amiga bootable floppy disk is the hardest part and you do that for them. That is what they really pay for. But do they know that is what they are paying for? I don't think so. I believe they think they are buying a special Amiga adapter and custom software available only from yourselves.

But if they did know, would they care?? Probably not.

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Our customers have given us feedback on EasyADF from their user experiences.
They are not comparisons, they are just positive experiences. And they are going to get positive experiences due to the hard work of the coders who created CFD and FAT95. Had your customers known the PCMCIA->CF adapters cost under £2 each and the GUTS of what is on the disk is freeware would they still be as positive? Probably. The product, and its price is more than acceptable to them.

It's just miserable gits like myself who think that this product is over priced

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