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Abandonware is such a generic term. Just because it's not sold or isn't commercially viable doesn't mean there isn't intelectual copyright to consider. Basically it's abandonware when the owners of the copyright decide it's abandonware.

There's a huge retro thing going on at the moment within the games industry with a boatload of games being ported over for mobile phones etc

So at the end of the day(I know... it gets dark) unless the author/copyright holder hasn't explicitly released the product.... it's NOT abandoned.

Just adding to this, I'm just as guilty as a lot of people in here for grabbing stuff off the net, yup, it's immoral and illegal in some cases, but I have also payed a LOT of money in the past for games for a boatload of consoles/computers, so I do supportthe industry(I think that's my get out clause). I do now buy EVERYTHING.

so to the big question.... can I download it..... that is for your moral judgement and/or if the game/app has been released into the public domain.
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