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Originally Posted by ztronzo View Post
Hello Toni,
If you proceed with NetPlay in the future, I would gladly share the servers I use for the amigalive project if required... (currently running Debian Linux)
What do you mean by servers?

If netplay gets implemented, it will be simple command line based feature ("start listening", "connect to master"). Not much more. At least in first "version".

Any plans for an OSX Compatible version of WinUAE?
This was be the first question half of the people I met asked for when interested in playing multiplayer through NetPlay.
No. There is far too much Windows specific code (whole GUI for example) and I personally hate most multiplatform programs because they generally are "lowest common denominator" programs (only features, or worse, are available that all operating systems support easily) and always look alien.

Just use wine
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