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Originally Posted by TheCyberDruid View Post
Yup the point is there because all the crap actors die (oops, spoiler )

How can you spoil a hollywood movie?

Rule #1: there must be some positive message in the movie
Rule #2: somebody has to die for emotional values, even in a disney movie (old yeller ftw!)
Rule #3: hire beautiful women with good cleavage, show guy in only underwear or if the movie is really crap show buttocks.
Rule #4: graphics over content
Rule #5: whatever you do, make it PG-13, even if it is a fucking alien VS predator movie.

Of course there are more rules depending on genre, for example if it is a horror movie:

Rule #H1: give people heart attacks in stead of investing time and effort into creating something horrific.
Rule #H2: lead must be female because A) they can scream loudly and B) see rule #3.
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