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Originally Posted by mcgeezer View Post
Here is what is happening...

If I write $ff00 once to POTGO ($dff034) after I have shut down the OS and interrupts then on real hardware nothing can be read from POTGOR for the second button. If I don't write the $ff00 then the second button can be read.

The opposite is true on WinUAE, I have to write $ff00 to initialise the output pins as described in the HRM... if I don't then I can't read the second button.

So this is something of a paradox at the moment.

I've also confirmed nothing is being written to POTGO ... with WinUAE... with

w 0 $dff034 2 ALL
Graeme, have you had the chance to try my test ADF on your real Amiga 1200?
Do you have a standard 2 buttons Joy?
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