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I know why it's doing it now (cause of me) but I don't know how to fix it and get the display right.

Basically the SND is going to +300 or so and the CPU up to 100%. The reason I have found is this. What I have been doing is trying to set the screen correct for my HDTV so I have been clicking quick start, A500 then set configuration.

Then I have been going into Fullscreen+VSync and selecting my res of 1280x768 32bit. Then clicking double line mode and Horizontal and Vertical centering.

Then its still not right so I have to use Null Filter and 4:3 and all is great! The screen is always centered and take up all the room in the centre of the screen! BUT. As soon as I enable Null Filter that is when the numbers go through the roof. But that seems the only way to set it up for my screen unless you know another way to centre it correctly and take up the full 4:3 screen (ish).

The sound stutter happens even if I pick OpenAL or any other option but as soon as I deselect Null its stops stuttering.

How do others get the screen correct for a HDTV?

EDIT: If I select Direct3d or OpenGL I get garbage at the bottom of the screen.

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