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Thumbs up Gotek native firmware

Originally Posted by turrican9 View Post
so will the Gotek with HXC firmware work with this software for PC use? Or will it only work with the stock firmware? That software looks quite handy for retro PC use as demonstrated in this video [ Show youtube player ]
I've tried this software. It's only for the stock firmware and it works good only on XP. Pretty much it is useless and doesn't support 1000 floppy drives.
I've come with my own method for managing up to 1000 floppy drives for my Korg PA50 that works on any OS - [ Show youtube player ]
and it supports long file names.
I upgraded the second Gotek drive for use with my Amiga 1000 with the easier method by using Male To Male USB cable. A standard Male-Female USB cable can be made easily Male To Male by destroying the female part
Then I've used HxCEdit to assign the Kickstart diskette to slot 1 (or else I wouldn't be able to start the Selector.adf disk for managing the disk slots).

My Amiga 1000 fully utilizing Gotek
[ Show youtube player ]
In fact I didn't use the Selector.adf becase UXCEdit is more convient to work with.
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