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Akira: Okay, so what do I learn from your post? People dont have patience and they tend to not read text. I´ll keep that in mind for future updates on my patreon page. The screenshot you mention doesnt show any real pixels, its purpose is just to keep you updated on what is going on internally. I updated the text to make that clear, which wasn´t the case before - so thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

But there is actually one screenshot showing some first pixels from the forthcoming prototype. These are painted by Kevin Saunders - a retro-artist who did some real nice work in the past.

Rest assured I can´t be more serious about RESHOOT than I am. And I am totally aware that you all want to see moving pictures. As soon as I feel ready, I´ll be happy th share some of the games strongpoints in a video with you. Cant be too long from now. But I will keep my pace and will listen to my inner voice when it comes to timing of things to show.

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