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There are other a500 accelerators in development such as the Zeus which is not an 020 but a 50mhz 68k so damned fast anyway.

Other options are for $50 you can get kippers 8mb ram board and for another $50 mika's ide68k - so my point is really if you are going to build an accelerator board for the a500 do it properly or you'll find ppl like me asking why should we buy your kit.

I've spoken to my mates in the admittedly small Adelaide Amiga community and we simply can't see the point of the aca500. If jens was being sensible imo he'd release a proper aca520 board and then make a pure aca500 adaptor module with just trueIDE on it for those wanting to take advantage of his aca12xx accelerators.

PS, an ACA500 "Adapter" (lets call it the aca512 for fun) would be much cheaper if it didnt contain redundant ram and CPU leading to more affordable aca512 + aca12xx combo's.

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