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Overkill for most situations, but a 'cover all bases' pattern:

- regular, not-interrupt-triggered cpu, sits in a mostly-idle loop waiting for multi-frame/multi-second tasks (eg background loading/decrunching/pre-processing)
- level3 blitter for blit queue
- level3 vbl increments a global framecount and fires a level1 int (only).
- level3 copper used for *short* line-specific (copper munging) tasks.
- level1 soft for 'mainloop'

this allows for
- line-accurate tasks (also small every-frame/non-vbl tasks like audio replay)
- every-frame global framecount/sync
- variable-frame, but still frame synchronized, mainloop
- many-frame background tasks

Not mine, I saw this again recently but can't remember where...

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