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yeah i have em all , sadly one of the ultima boxes (early ones) is flatter than a chineese titty ;(
but the rest of the boxes was ok last i checked (i think u got the scans of em eh??)
(all my boxes is preservated, ie i dont use em and they aint in the sun anymore, and thats why i try to support whdload as much as possible also, so that i can stack the disks and boxes away, but imagine 1400 boxes in my house...well since i dont live in a castle i had to stcak away alot of the NON WHD'D games also ;( for now anyway, but yes i will scan it for u. )
if not i will scan em as soon as i either fix the scanner or get a new one.

oh btw.... since u asked.... check this

|| ||
|| Ultima -- A Fantasy Role-Playing Phenomenon ||
|| ||
|| Zerg was the developername of ULTIMA ||
|| ||
|| >>: The Manual :<< ||
|| ||
|| VERSION 1.0 ||
|| ||

SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: An Amiga 500, 1000, 2000, 2500HD or 2500UX with
at least 512K of memory. The fact that you're
reading this means that this can't be too much
of a problem.

from the manual on DISK 1 (1 disk only) of ultima 1.

Just had to add this ,
according to my database
Ultima 1 and 2.

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