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A1200 Game Compatibility List?

Just wondering if there is a list of games that do/don't work on an A1200 or suffer some problems?

I have quite a few original Amiga disks and wanted to know if they'll work in my A1200. Some work but others just won't load or go so far and stop, despite turning off CPU cache and using Original chip type! Some work in Relokick 1.3 but can't remember if you can turn off CPU cache in Relokick?

Of course I could just use WinUAE and the appropriate ADF. I'm also making copies of my originals and only trying the originals if the copy fails just to see if it's the copy or the game, 9/10 it's the game hence the request for the compatibility list, or is there another way like Relokick to get old originals working on the A1200, bearing in mind I have an 030 accelerator with 16mb RAm on it!!
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