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Auto-position the "Select a floppy disk image file..." menu

Here's the problem. When I insert a disk via "Select a floppy disk image file..." before starting emulation, this very menu may later become unreachable in full screen mode if a very low resolution is used (e.g. 320x512) because WinUAE appears to remember where exactly the menu popped on my 1280x1024 desktop before it went fullscreen, and if I didn't happen to drag the menu to the upper-left corner of my desktop, it's over, and I often forget to do so when inserting disks this way (other methods such as dragging and dropping the files directly into the DFX: field or opening them in fullscreen mode after emulation has been started, work correctly, the menu pops up on the middle of the 320x512 screen)

Basically I'd like an option for auto-positioning the "Select a floppy disk image file..." menu (and similar) to the upper left of the screen (before or after emulation starts, any would do) so to make it reachable in these situations.

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