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Not sure CWB 3.9 is installing correctly... (in fact I know it isnt)


AS the instructions say. I have an installed, boing bagged and working OS 3.9 on CF. This all works in Winuae fine and dandy. I then choose to mount the system.hdf in my winuae config, which also works. I see the system Drive in OS3.9 and the InstallCwb Icon.

I assume that the install CWB app, copies whatever important bits from my OS 3.9 install into the System.hdf, so that I can then use the system HDF as DH0: and therefore enjoy the uberness that is CWB


Its when I'm running the installer that the fun starts:

In the installer window, according to the Text I can see....
DH1: c:/cls: Unknown Command

Checking System Version.....

CORRECT system version....
DH1:c/cls: Unknown command

Press Return to begin installation
EXECUTE: Cant open "DH1:s/Activate"
object not found
DH1:c/cls: Unknown command

Thanks for trying out the ClassicWBOS39

You Can now use the system.hdf as DH0: and boot it as a full workbench.

Hit return to exit...
So I hit return, the installer exits, and I'm back at my install of OS3.9.
Great, thinks me, all I have to do is set System.HDF as DH0: and I'm set

Which I of course do in the Harddrives /hardfile tab of winuae..... reboot the (emulated) miggy


it either boots off my standard OS3.9 on the cf, or if I disconnect the CF reader for giggles and try and boot the HDF I get the activation nag, which is supposedly what I have just done, although obviously not as the installer fails... but completes anyway

I admit I'm using an old version of CWB - Bloodwich sent it to me a while back (April) but I was struggling with it as my PC didn't play with my CF Hard drive.... now that it does (I can use it to install OS 3.9 and boing bag successfully in winuae) I thought it would be nice to give CWB a bash again. However all is not working as it should.

Of course all this is with a view to it going on an A1200, but I thought the simplest way would be to prep the card in Winuae first. Yes I know you can just copy files between volumes but I'd like to have CWB working BEFORE I put it on my cf... play with setup etc.

Now it could just be that I need a fresher CWB but on the likelihood that it is something I am (or not) doing then I thought I would ask here first.


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