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Oh, well then a little clarification:

"Dirty Cash"
This I have heard of, I was just not thinking of Deja Vu Licenseware, which walks that ever fine line between commercial and PD/shareware. I don't know why I never considered PD/SW/LW regarding those two titles, but I feel silly since I should have at least known this one! But I don't believe I had it in my collection, so good call on posting it. Do you have more licenseware stuff, Andy?

"Soccer Rivals"
OK, even after downloading and giving the game a quickie once-over, it's still a new one on me. I'm not sure if D&H Games was a full-blown commercial publisher or Licenseware (their titles received cracks from the likes of Quartex and Angels/DefJam...), but in 1991 (the year "Soccer Rivals" was released), they released at least four other sports titles: "Cricket Captain", "Football Director II", "Multi-Player Soccer Manager", and "Rugby Coach" - all of which were graded in Amiga Power (can't recall if they were reviewed or not, but I have ratings for them...) And they were all created in AMOS. Of the five D&H titles discussed here, I am only missing "Rugby Coach".

So all in all, it was a very educational journey into obscure Amiga games!
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