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DOpus 5.82 and XADopus - wrong timestamp of unpacked files

I've recently installed XADopus for DOpus 5.82 and then noticed that the timestamps of files unpacked with XADopus always are set to the current date/time:
  • When double clicking a LHA archive its contents are opened in a new listener
  • Therein I can browse the directories, all files have their original timestamp
  • When I now select a file and copy it into the destination lister, the time stamp of the destination file is changed to current date time.
On contrary, when using c:xadunfile to extract the whole archive, the original time stamps are preserved. So it might be caused by the XADopus extension and not by XAD itself.

Did anybody here notice this too or maybe have an idea how to fix it?
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