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My Amiga returned from recapping today and I got to try it on my Retrotink 2x-SCART setup. This setup produces no noticeable lag and an excellent picture on my PS1 and Saturn.

On the Amiga via RGB SCART at 576i, I immediately noticed significant lag when moving the mouse, plus slight interference on the screen and occasional screen flicker. Overall the picture was sharp and Workbench looked pretty good.

I loaded SWOS (excellent lag and blurriness test) and again significant lag was noticed. Some blurring on the players was apparent also.

I got my trusty CRT out of the cupboard and tested again to make sure memory or rather old SCART cable wasn't playing tricks - no interference, no lag, no blurriness.

Conclusion: at the moment, Retrotink 2X-SCART is horrible with my PAL Amiga 1200. I will be in touch with the guy who makes it to see what could be the cause.
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