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DOPUS archive creation: Default directory?

First, I've searched through EAB for my particular issue and can't find anything that specifically deals with this. I created entries in DOPUS 4 to create archives using PKZip (7z). They create the archives I specified as .7z, Bzip2, and GZip with no issue using the {F}. I specified a default file name for the archive in the AmigaDOS to make it easier and more straightforward as I can always change the name of the archive.

Here's the issue: Whether I specify the directory with the {d} function or fire the directory requester with {Rd}, the archive is always created in the root of the DirectoryOpus app folder. I have tried everything I can think of, including checking user-startup, .../S, and .../env-archive to see if something is setting the default folder, not to mention DOPUS configuration. I'm stumped.

Is my syntax wrong? Here's a couple things I've tried:

7za a archive.7z {F} {Rd} (or {F}/{Rd} and {F}{Rd})
7za a archive.7z {F} {d} path to directory

When I try {Rd} the directory requestor comes up (with the root of my DOPUS app directory listed!) and when I try switching to the directory I want to create the archive it STILL creates it in the DOPUS app directory. Help?
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