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Originally Posted by Futaura View Post
AmiSSL 4.6 is no faster than 4.4/4.5.

Don't know about the ZZ9000 firmware, but you will get better SSL performance in IBrowse 2.5.3, mainly because it avoids having to open and negotiate new HTTPS connections whenever possible, thus skipping the time consuming initial handshaking on subsequent connections.
Ever since I gave my FS-UAE config a brain transplant to a 68060, iBrowse flies, this, since late-Summer 2019. I couldn't be more pleased. Prior to increasing the speed, I got hung on a lot of news sites. Now they load with ease. Loading sites/content is a bit of a gamble: Some will load very nicely as long as you have the ram, others just aren't built for our browser, whether they want Javascript or not. I never have Javascript enabled and I get along very well on the Internet.
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