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XAD commands

Guys again thank you all for your help!! It all works great.

I have one last thing to ask about a strange behavior with xad under 3.9 compared to xad under 3.1.4.

Executing all above commands and scripts which use xad, under 3.9 (either in dopus or xvoodo2 which also use xad) and extracting any type of file lha, zip or adf and dms, you see the progress window extracting the files and then 1-2 files towards the end it stops (not freeze) and it takes 3-4 minutes to finish. Same procedure on the same A1200 with ACA but under 3.1.4 takes only 5 seconds.

This happens only if you use xad for extraction. Any other commands like lha or unzip or lzx or rar or extracting dms and adf with different commands, then it takes normal time!!!

Any ideas?
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