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Originally Posted by npagonis73 View Post
Being owner of warp data types as well, what is the best settings in ibrowse for image decoding? Internal or external? If I choose jpeg and png external as external (those 2 data types are supported by warp) and leave the xbm and gif (not supported by warp) as internal then I don?t get as good results as when I have all of them internal. Any optimum settings I need to follow?
There is extra overhead using the datatypes system and generally you would only want to use external JPEG and PNG if you are running on MorphOS or a PPC card with WarpOS.

So, on a OS3 68K only system, it is best to leave everything as internal. All the applicable optimisations from the WarpDTs are also present in the IBrowse internal decoders. Also, if running on ECS/AGA native graphics, with internal decoders you can set IBrowse to use fast memory for images, instead of using up precious chip ram.
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