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Originally Posted by npagonis73 View Post
1)ASKMAKEDIR doesn’t work for me. Really want to know how to make this option command to work
2)I do have output window as a flag
3)Without the command DARC OR DIMG at the end again it doesn’t work

If you see above How I made it work, the first half is as you say but the second part differs. I tried many versions of your commands which helped me reach a doable solution. I would really like to learn though how askmakedir works cause it seems easier!!
Do you see a DOpus output window open when you use ASKMAKEDIR and/or "Output to window"? If not you should try to activate the option "Window close button" as jPV has already written. xadUnFile use (I guess) stdin/stdout. It is a command line tool and therefore assume the interface. If you don't have an output window open (and stay) it will write to nowhere and it breaks or wait infinity for input (ASKMAKEDIR).

I only tested with a single LHA archive. I do not have disk images. If the keywords DISKIMAGE or DISKARCHIVE are needed for ADF/DMS I do not know. You have to try. If you have a working Shell solution without the DOpus stuff you just need to adapt it. More or less only {fu} and {o} at the right places and the mentioned options checked. See also DOpus documentation.
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