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Pure ASM-ONE intro menu beta

Since I am here out of sincerity, also in my affection for my classic amiga ... first of all an update. In the links below, respecting everyone's sensitivity, you can find the rest, at your total discretion and the possibility to choose. Guys (I wish I could say friends) I'm not a lamer, I'm not a liar ...
Update....: Pure ASM-ONE intro menu beta

working on A500 512k chip / 512k chip + slow ram
A600-A1200-A3000(not tested on 1.3)-A4000 + Slow/Fast Ram

The j4fbeta 21c / d and the j4fbeta2 are too heavy and completely fill
the A500 chip but they are useful for tests, and to check the
stability of the code
You can try even replacing the last 4 files with the intros of intox33, just rename them .... you may notice some differences: a black color ... more black on the Defcon Sitting Duck Flash, no aberration on the fonts / text both during the writing and cancellation, you may hear small samples that sometimes are not audible in the music track, etc ... take a look at the other ones too ... if the chip is saturated by beta2 / 21c the sequence does not break, even if you eliminate a file from disk etc ...

playfield extended, no side bars on my tv's, and I don't really care
to see a little black at the beginning of the blitscroll on the
emulator .... I am fond of my classic amiga, moreover the situation is
really serious ... if I survive I will definitely improve it.

Post Scriptum:


Something well written and simple things ....:

Homo-Sapiens levels....: Ex(x)o, at the beginning it was the word then the writing, and in the real world it also has an economic value ...

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