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Bug? Elite in AF?

OK.. I not fully checked this yet.. but interested if anyone can confirm or refute this experience.
on Latest version of AF... playing on the "Workbench 3.x" system.. and playing Elite (the WHDLOAD version from lemon amiga) the game plays.. but the cursor in game will not stay fixed... i.e. the game cursor keeps reverting back to a normal mouse cursor (i.e. independent of the game))... it does this if I am in windowed mode or full screen... So as you can imagine.. its unplayable.
(Latest version of WHDLoad etc)

So to test - I played exactly the same game files (via a shared directory).. on a WinUAE (4.3.0) on Amiga OS 3.1.4 and the game works fine..
I not tried on a more standard AF machine config (e.g. standard A4000 with OS 3.1) which may resolve..dont know yet.

Anyone seen this issue? or Just me? and if you have.. any idea where the issue might be (e.g. dont think current AF is using the 4.3.0 WinUAE)

Anyway - any insight appreciated..

(P.S. all are hosted on Win 10 1909 64 bit Pro fully patched blah blah blah)
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