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Space Gun - missing note "Supports Light Gun"

There should be note "Supports Light Gun"

You can choose Mouse, Joystick or Light Gun in menu options.

Tested on floppy versions, because there exist a few hacked games for light gun in WHDLoad.

Here is list of HoL games with Light Gun note. (Supports Light Gun or Light Gun only)

Aliex (Trojan)
Capone (Actionware)
Championship Shooting (Golem)
Creature (Actionware)
Cyber Assault (Trojan)
Enforcer, The (Trojan)
Firestar (Trojan)
Gateway Ypsilon (Golem)
Master Of The Town (Golem)
Orbital Destroyer (Trojan)
P.O.W.Sideshow (Actionware)
Sideshow (Actionware)
Skeet Shoot (Trojan)
Worldwide Hunting (Golem)

Here is list of hacked games Without HoL note (Except Operation Wolf)

Crazy Shot (Loriciel)
Operation Thunderbolt (Ocean)
Operation Wolf (Ocean)
West Phaser (Loriciel)

P.S. Special Note about Crazy Shot (Loriciel)... You can invoke the calibrate screen by F5 also in floppy version, but Light Gun doesn't work... strange
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